Introducing Our New Logo!

We are pleased to introduce our new logo! We wanted to embrace our previous reference to our use of the spider. For us, the spider is representative of many appendages coming together at a central point, the body, similar to how our organization merges many different regions. We also find humor in that spiders are also fellow “Bug Squishers!” like many of us in the programming world. We hope you like our clean new logo!


We Have Some Big News!

The groups formerly known as the Midwest and South-Central User groups are now one.


The name readily invokes the region it represents. The center. Mid-America. North and South right down the middle. And it aligns with the SymEast and SymWest brands. Bringing it all together.

SymCentral represents a combined geographical area formerly represented by the two groups. We have a new organization, a new website (placeholder page only) and a new logo on the way. Under-construction home page at General inquiries may be made to

Important! SMUG still exists as a brand for this national email list service. There is no change with the SMUG list(s) other than its operation is now assumed by SymCentral. The SMUG list entity is still headquartered at SMUG lives on, but as a brand for the list service that made it famous.

The user group “Serving Mid America North and South” is SymCentral!